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May 11, 2020

Protect Your Hotel’s Mattresses & Pillows Against Viruses & Microbes

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Since the hospitality industry has been shaken by COVID-19, one thing has been top of mind for hoteliers and other industry watchers: What can the hospitality industry do to ensure guests are safe—and feel safe—staying at hotels and resorts again?

At Standard Textile, many of our hospitality customers have asked how we can help answer that question once occupancy begins to return to normal. In addition to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as reusable cloth masks and protective apparel for your housekeeping staff, and transitioning to the use of microfiber cleaning cloths, another way to add a layer of protection is with virus-blocking, antimicrobial mattress encasements and pillow protectors.

Antimicrobial Protection for Hotel Mattresses and Pillows

The antimicrobial fabric utilized in AllerEase® Professional for Standard Textile helps reduce the occurrence of bacteria, mold, and mildew—safeguarding your guests and the investment in your guest rooms.

For reference, “antimicrobial” means that the fabric includes both antibacterial and antifungal properties. The fabric used in the AllerEase® Professional product line does not simply block microbes from getting into mattresses and pillows capabilities. The antimicrobial barrier actually inhibits growth of microbes on the fabric, a unique feature for the AllerEase® line.

What Makes AllerEase® Products Antimicrobial

AllerEase® Professional utilizes HeiQ Pure to achieve the antimicrobial barrier. Using HeiQ technology in our fabrics provides hotel properties and their guests superior antimicrobial protection, especially important in today’s environment. The silver-based antimicrobial fibers of the fabric achieve antimicrobial efficiency and durability. Silver, with its naturally occurring antimicrobial properties, is actually implanted in the fibers of the fabric that is then utilized in AllerEase® Professional, with lifetime performance guaranteed.

Block Viruses from Your Mattresses

Per the CDC’s guidelines, AllerEase® Professional is certified as viral blocking with Level 4 CDC (highest level) barrier performance. Viruses cannot migrate into mattresses or pillows when covered by AllerEase® Professional products.

As a hotelier, you can rest assured your mattresses and pillows are protected from viruses and bacteria—and your guests feel safer.

Simply Zip-Off and Replace the Duraflex™ Mattress Encasement Top Between Guests

While the virus blocking performance and antimicrobial properties will no doubt make guests feel more at ease, let’s discuss the impact of a mattress encasement on your housekeeping staff.

Mattress encasements completely protect mattresses from liquids, allergens, pests, and more. However, it has traditionally been a two- or three-person job to install and change the encasement. Since housekeepers will devote more time to the other cleanliness initiatives, the last thing they need is to add complexity and coordination to swap a mattress encasement.

However, the AllerEase® Duraflex™ System with Zip-Off Top makes installation and changing the top a breeze. By installing the 4-sided removable zip-off top encasement, the hotel delivers total mattress protection with easy on/easy off laundering design. Housekeepers only need to zip off the top for laundering and replace it with a fresh one between guests.

With three options in AllerEase® 4-sided removable tops available, all levels of hotel rooms are covered. Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plush offer levels of plushness. Any of these tops will fit the universal DuraFlex™ Base fitted product.

Earning hotel guest trust in today’s protection-sensitive environment is harder than ever. How you choose to protect your most important guest asset—your beds—will determine how fast you can restore your loyal guest’s confidence in today’s market.

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