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AllerEase® Professional Testing Summary

AllerEase® Professional has been 3rd party tested to support product claims. Test results, description of the textile and application, findings and conclusions are summarized as follows.


Viral Penetration Test

Vartest Laboratories, New York, NY: ASTM F1671 on AE Professional Gold and Platinum protectors.

Viral penetration, resistance to penetration by bloodborne pathogens, no plaques, absence of 0X174 bacteriophage spread.

Test Result: passed Level 4 CDC (highest level) barrier performance

Virus Blocking Materials Test

Porous Materials, Inc., Ithaca, NY: Capillary Flow Porometry testing on AE Professional fabric R1000606-CH, no bubble point detected when pressure was applied up to 150 PSI indicating PO is of size no greater than .066 microns in diameter.

Test Result: passed virus porosity

EPA Registration

Environmental Protection Agency: 49403-38-85249. HeiQ Pure effectiveness against bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae. Maximum use rate 50,000 ppm of product by weight.

Test Results: Passed and issued EPA Registration

Antibacterial, Antimicrobial Test

SGS Group, Geneva, Switzerland: AATCC 147-2011 Antibacterial Test Assessment. No halo of inhibition, no bacterial growth, Staphylococcus ATCC 6538, Klebsiella Pneumoniae ATCC 4532.

Test result: Pass

Waterproof Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Bureau Veritas, Inc., Buffalo, NY. AATCC 127-17 Hydrostatic Test Protocol Number CPSD-SL-992-USA-3 Star-V39 Data. Machine Wash Warm Tumble Dry Medium Cycles.

Test result: Passed waterproof

Thermal Resistance Measurement Test

Hohenstein Laboratories, Stuttgart, Germany. ISO 11092:2014-12A test AE Professional fabrics. Thermal resistance with three samples .0486, .0094, .0567.

Test Result: Passed Thermal Efficiency

Bed Bug Barrier and Bite Test, Fabrics, Zippers and Closures

Airmid Healthgroup LTD., Dublin, Ireland. Test ASCR092332. Tests determined effectiveness of AE Pro product in Bed Bug tests using mixture of bed bugs from 5 different stages of BB life cycle, eggs to adult.

Test Results: Passed in fabric, seams, zipper and closure tests using blood meal attractant

Stain and Colorfastness Test

Bureau Veritas, Inc., Buffalo, NY. Method CPSD-SL-31055-MTHD, Industrial Laundering, sour detergent. No seam puckering on appearance, minimal pilling 3.0, negligible or no change to color after repeated launders. Negligible or no staining on self-staining tests.

Test Result: Passed Stain Resistance

Temperature Balancing Test

HeiQ Marterials AG, Zurich, Switzerland. Cooling performance test, absorbency of textiles test AATCC 79-2014 Substrate: Cellulose 60%, Polyester 40%. Condition range 20 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. Evap Rep 1 mg to 500 mg.

Test Results: Passed to product claims

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