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May 27, 2020

Triple Sheeting: A Must for a Clean Hotel Room

Housekeeper at a hotel making a bed with top cover and triple sheeting

Now more than ever, concern about hotel room cleanliness is at the forefront. Major hotel brands and independent properties around the world have announced how they will address room cleanliness as the industry rebounds.

Taking the Right Hotel Cleanliness Precautions

As this increased focus on clean hotel rooms evolves, ways to ensure rooms are hygienic—and guests feel safe—will evolve. The question is now how to ensure cleanliness without driving up costs.

Triple sheeting has long been a trend in hospitality across all tiers of properties, offering a clean and crisp look. But it’s not simply an aesthetic choice. Let’s revisit why triple sheeting became the go-to method in hospitality – and how you’re missing out if you’re not triple sheeting at your hotel.

DOWNLOAD: Standard Textile’s Guide to Triple Sheeting

Bed made with the triple sheeting method

Choices for Making Your Hotel Room Beds

Hoteliers and hotel designers have numerous top of bed configuration options for their rooms, including the use of triple sheeting, duvet covers, or bed spreads. Here are several factors that point to why triple sheeting is more important than ever.

Room Cleanliness and Sheeting Durability Optimized

Hands down, the triple sheeting method lends itself to a cleaner hotel room. The top sheet can be processed and cleaned between every guest versus a quilted bedspread. While duvet covers are easily laundered, changing out the cover and processing it drive up the cost and time to change over a room.

Cost-Per-Item & Laundering Costs of Top Covers

Both a lower cost/item and lower laundering costs are just simple math. A single sheet or top cover is less expensive than duvet covers and bedspreads. If a top sheet or cover is torn or stained, the replacement cost will be much less than replacing the duvet.

Laundry costs are driven by the cumulative weight of the items laundered. Since a single sheet weighs half of what a duvet does, the laundering cost is that much less.

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The Housekeeper Test

How long did it take you to remove and put a clean duvet cover on a king size duvet? Took a while, right? Even professional housekeeping staff spend three to four times longer replacing a duvet cover than triple sheeting a bed. With the increased pressure on housekeeping to ensure room cleanliness, this is a simple way to process a room faster.

Looking for other ways to save your housekeeping staff time when turning over rooms? Triple sheeting is even faster using EZ-ID®, which allows for easy color-coded size identification. Center lock labels also help to quickly identify the center of the sheet. With your housekeeper spending more post-COVID-19 time on room disinfection, this is a straight-forward way to save time.

Uncompromised Hotel Room Style

The sky is the limit when it comes to style using a top cover with triple sheeting. From Cumulus® textured top covers to Imagepoint for custom printed designs, design options are limitless. Change your room’s aesthetic with only a swap of the top cover. No need to replace a costly bedspread or duvet.

You can choose to “combine” your bed scarf with your top cover with a custom Imagepoint design. This means one less item to worry about washing and keeping clean.

Virus Blocking & Antimicrobial Mattress & Pillow Protection

In addition to triple sheeting, we recommend protecting your mattress and pillow investments with an antimicrobial mattress encasement and pillow protectors. Keep not only viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew out of your mattresses, but also other allergens, bed bugs, and pet dander as well.

Wrapping-Up Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting continues to be an area of optimization for hotels. And as room cleanliness and sanitization requirements for hospitality continue to evolve, we will continue to support our partners throughout this time.

While our hospitality customers know us for our experience in hotel textiles, we are also a major manufacturer and supplier of textile products and apparel for the healthcare market. During this difficult time of tumult in hospitality, we are here to offer the resources you need, from protective apparel for your team to how to launder protective apparel and masks.

If you have questions regarding how our team can help support you, please contact us.