Impressions Crackle Top Covers

Built to stand out in a crowd of plain, solid white fabrics

  • Get low maintenance style with no-iron, wrinkle resistant top covers
  • Crackle pattern brings a classic yet timeless style to guest beds
  • Polyester-rich fabric ensures lasting durability and strength
  • 90% Polyester/10% Cotton 
  • Sizes include Queen & King 

Everything You
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Properties around the world are making the switch to triple sheeting with top covers, thanks to their modern look that is easier to use than duvets and cheaper to launder than comforters. And while you’ll find a plethora of plainly styled top covers, you won’t find anything else quite like our Impressions line.

Impressions top covers were built to stand out in a crowd of plain, solid white fabrics. The Crackle pattern is a boldly asymmetric design that manages to look modern yet timeless. The unique texture creates a stylish finish that will match any room decor or ambiance.

Impressions’ 90% Polyester/10% Cotton blend eliminates the need for ironing, saving value time and processing costs. Plus, the poly-rich construction means these top covers will stand up to rigors of industrial laundering, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. The ultra-strong polyester yarns give these stylish top covers incredible wrinkle resistance and durability, while managing to remain soft and comfortable to the touch.

Your housekeepers and laundry staff will also appreciate the time-saving features of our OneSTEP® solution. OneSTEP® stands for “One Solution to Enhance Productivity”, and the Impressions Crackle top cover does just that. EZ ID® sew-in labels provides color coding the makes size identification a breeze. In addition, Center-Lock Labels clearly identify the center of the top sheet when making a bed. Finally, balanced 2″ hems allow either end of the sheet to be the top.

Finding top covers with just the right blend of durability, comfort, and style can be challenging. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found the best of both worlds with Impressions Crackle Top Covers.

  • Decorative Top Cover 
  • 90% Polyester/10% Cotton 
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • No Need to Iron
  • 2” Balanced Hems All Around
  • Center-Lock Labels 
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Sew-In Labels for Easy Size Identification   
  • Size Options Include Queen & King  
  • Available Colors: White 
  • Available Patterns: Crackle

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