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October 6, 2022

Standard Textile Recognizes National Healthcare Supply Chain Week

Healthcare Supply Chain Week

The job of a supply chain professional has never been easy, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been exceptionally challenging for healthcare supply chains. From underpads and surgical towels to gowns and OR drapes, shortages and long lead times for critical, disposable products have threatened healthcare operations and supply chain stability throughout the pandemic.

This week (October 2nd-8th 2022) is National Healthcare Supply Chain Week. Standard Textile is proud to support the Association of Health Care Resources & Materials Management (AHRMM) to celebrate our healthcare supply chain professionals and thank them for their outstanding contributions to patient care and innovative ways in which they support their healthcare organization and communities.

Consider Reusable Textiles to Mitigate Supply Chain Shortages

medical worker at laptop

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in the U.S. healthcare supply chains, resulting in unpredictable issues with securing and distributing disposable products. During this time, many facilities have turned to reusable versions of these products to allow for more control over their inventory and to support their organization’s sustainability goals. These reusable textile solutions provide greater assurance for reliable, consistent delivery from a trusted source.

Reusable products, including sterile wrappers, drapes, OR gowns, and precaution gowns can serve as a strategic supply chain solution. These reusable products help reduce medical waste and play a critical role in creating a safe, sustainable environment for the long-term.

Throughout the pandemic, if your healthcare facility has experienced shortages of disposable OR gowns, PPE, or other disposable healthcare textiles, consider allowing us to assist you with incorporating a reusable solution.

Rapid Response & Support for Healthcare Workers

At the onset of the pandemic, Standard Textile rapidly restructured our entire supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution operations to support the healthcare industry. We pivoted and revamped our Brownsville, Texas facility to make face masks. In another facility, employees were reassigned to make face shields. And a collaboration between Standard Textile’s research and development laboratory, and our operations in Thomaston, Georgia and Union, South Carolina, resulted in rapidly developing a unique version of a liquid resistant, breathable and reusable cover gown for healthcare workers.

Standard Textile also added reusable bouffants, skull caps, shoe covers and face masks to our PPE product line in response to requests from our customers.

Contact Us for Support

Strengthen your supply. Control your costs. Provide the protection your staff and patients need. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here for assistance as you move forward with securing the essentials for your perioperative practice.