ComPel® Surgical Drapes & Covers

Our innovative ComPel® technology incorporates a patented continuous-filament synthetic construction that repels liquids even as it allows moisture vapor to pass through. ComPel® fabrics, combined with our sophisticated manufacturing and finishing technologies, protect healthcare professionals and patients while maximizing comfort and cost efficiency.

Featuring Flap & Snap designs to help with fluid control, instrument cord retention, securing various cautery, video, and suction devices, each ComPel® drape also features “red-to-head” border for easy placement.

ComPel® gowns, drapes, and covers provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable, liquid-resistant surgical products.

ComPel® drapes and draping systems are designed by physicians to provide various sizes of fenestration and protection for a majority of procedures.

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A staged surgical scene featuring ComPel Surgical Drapes and Covers.