Universal Surgical Drapes

Choose from a variety of shapes & sizes ideal for use in universal draping systems

  • Variety of drapes ideal for use in universal two- and four-drape systems
  • Common uses include abdominal, breast, laterally positioned, trauma, AAA, and open-heart procedures
  • Allows for flexibility in creating any size fenestration
  • Available tube loops and Flap and Snap feature for liquid, instrument, and cord control
  • 100% Polyester

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Universal Surgical Drapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often used as part of a universal drape system. Commonly used for abdominal, breast, laterally positioned, trauma, AAA, and open-heart procedures.

Standard Textile universal drapes feature a unique three-layer combination of fabrics. The drape base is made from WrapPel® fabric, which minimizes slippage. A ZorWik® layer provides a textured surface that prevents splash backs and slows liquid run-off. Finally, ComPel® fabric provides a liquid-resistant barrier to enhance protection.

Many of our universal drapes also feature patented Flap and Snap technology, which allows the drape to be folded up at the sides and snapped into place—forming a trough or channel which can be helpful in the management of cords and tubes, as well as controlling liquid run-off. Another common feature is polyester twill-tape tube loops that can be opened for insertion of instrumentation cords (cautery, suction, etc.) and then snapped down into place. This provides better management of the field and contains cords.

Standard Textile offers four distinctive 100% Polyester universal drape options: foot drapes, side drapes, small drapes, and bar drapes.

  • Our universal foot drapes are 70″x70″ with a 24″x30″ three-layer protective pad. This drape allows for flexibility in creating any size fenestration. They feature tube loops and yellow binding to easily identify the bottom of the drape.
  • Universal side drapes are 45″x80″ and can be used in conjunction with the head split drape for major head and neck procedures. They feature Flap & Snap technology.
  • Our small universal drapes are 20″x20″ with a 2” round fenestration. Used for a variety of small-proportioned procedures, including the removal of moles and warts, circumcision, eye or ear surgery, and insertion of arterial lines. The entire drape features our three layer fabric construction.
  • Universal bar drapes are 107″x70″ with a 20″x30″ fenestration. Used in Ortho/Vascular as the completion drape or as part of the universal two-drape system, this drape allows for flexibility in creating any size fenestration and is adequately sized to cover arm boards and anesthesia screen. This drape features tube holders and a pad area made with three-layer fabric construction.

Our reusable surgical drapes provide many benefits over disposable products, including a lower cost per use, reduction of medical waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with industrial laundering and steam sterilization, our durable drapes provide lasting protection, procedure after procedure.

  • Line of Universal Drapes Including Foot Drape, Side Drape, Small Drape, and Bar Drape
  • Foot Drape: 70″x70″ with 24″x30″ Pad
  • Side Drape: 45″x80″
  • Small Drape: 20″x20″
  • Bar Drape: 106″x70″ with 20″x30″ Fenestration
  • Ideal for Universal Two- and Four-Drape Systems
  • Reusable
  • Compatible with Industrial Laundering and Steam Sterilization
  • Features WrapPel®, ComPel®, and ZorWik®
  • Fabrics
  • Flap and Snap Feature
  • Tube Loops
  • 100% Polyester
  • Color: Blue

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