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October 26, 2021

Top 4 Considerations for Selecting Scrubs for Nurses

Four model nurses wearing scrubs

The evolution of scrubs for nurses is fascinating. Florence Nightingale first introduced a standard look for nurses in the nineteenth century. To ward off the attention of men, Florence intentionally designed an unattractive nurse uniform. Fortunately, nurse uniforms have evolved through the years with nurse scrubs arriving on the scene in the 1990s. Since then, a variety of scrubs for nurses have become available. We’re often asked what to look for when purchasing a nurse scrub. Here are the 4 C’s:


Floating image of a classic scrubs top. Standard Textile offers hospital scrubs in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Comfort is key when selecting scrubs for nursing. This is our Unisex V-Neck Scrub Shirt which is available in a variety of colors and fabrics

The nurse scrubs you choose MUST be comfortable, and comfort starts with the fabric. As a nurse, you work long shifts doing physically straining tasks, so the fabric you choose is key. Consider whether the fabric feels good against your skin. Is the fabric rough, itchy, or stiff? Does the fabric allow flexibility for movement? Does the fabric breath and move with your body?


As a nurse, you don’t want to run between patients in scrubs that are too tight or too loose. You don’t have time to keep readjusting your scrubs. Choose a scrub that matches the size you typically wear. Bear in mind that scrubs should be loose enough for easy movement, but not baggy. Finally, consider your body structure and what would fit you best when selecting between unisex, women’s, and men’s scrubs.


First and foremost, if you work in a hospital, your selection of a color and style may be informed by the hospital’s uniform policies. If you work at a facility that allows you to choose a color and style, then opt for a color that conceals stains. When choosing a style, consider what type of neckline you prefer and how you like to put on your scrubs. Do you prefer to slip on a scrub shirt, or do you prefer a scrub shirt that buttons up?

Check for Pockets

floating medical scrubs jacket with sleeve in pocket

It has pockets! Check out our Softweave® Scrubs: Unisex Warm Up Jacket in Laguna Green.

Additionally, as a nurse, you know how important it is to choose a scrub with pockets. Pockets are helpful as the job requires a lot of moving around and certain tools and items are helpful to have on hand. However, pockets that are filled with a lot of items can weigh you down and make you bulky. If that won’t be an issue for you, check to make sure the scrubs you are looking at have pockets that are to your liking.

With these considerations in mind, start browsing for scrubs here. Are you looking for something that will provide extra protection? Check out Standard Textile’s precaution and isolation gowns.

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Staff Apparel Programs

Does your facility need a uniform program? Standard Textile’s staff apparel program can provide various styles and colors of scrubs with the choice of adding your facility logo. By using this program, you can visually brand your facility, allowing for easier identification of different departments and disciplines within your facility. Contact our team to learn more.