Newton® Wand Manual Solar Shades

Welcome a new era of simplicity with this innovative, chain-free solar shade

  • Patented design simplifies operation, enhances safety and durability
  • Choose the standard or loop wand (ADA option)
  • Less than 5 lbs. of force required to operate
  • Currently available as a single bracket option. Fascia, side and sill channels also available.
  • Choose from our range of fabrics or create a custom print

Everything You
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Revolutionize shade control with our most elegant manual shade option – the Newton® Wand Chain-Free Solar Shade.

A Chain-Free Solar Shade Experience

Gone are the days of unsafe, unappealing chains. The Newton® offers a smooth, intuitive wand-controlled operation that brings elegance to your fingertips. This patented chain-free solar shade design simplifies operation, enhances durability, and improves product safety. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional shades and welcome a new era of simplicity.

Choose from the standard wand or a more accessible loop wand as an ADA option. Both wands require less than 5 lbs. of force to operate, ensuring accessibility for all. Manual lowering is also possible by pulling on the bottom bar without risk of damage to system.

Tailored to Your Space

Whether a welcoming hotel lobby, a tranquil hospital room, or a bustling student union, the Newton® offers flexibility to suit any client’s specific needs. Currently available as a single bracket option, you can pair an inside-mount sheer with an outside-mount blackout for the ideal sleep settings. On blackouts, we recommend a 6” overhang on each side of the window for optimal room-darkening.

Choose from our range of blackout and light-filtering sheers to match your decor. If you desire something unique, collaborate with our skilled design team to create a custom print that’s as one-of-a-kind as your space. The possibilities are limitless!

Embrace elegance, durability, and accessibility with every pull of the wand. Experience the future of chain-free solar shades with the Newton®

  • Patented Chain-Free Solar Shade Design
  • Less than 5 lbs. of Force Required to Operate
  • Standard or Loop Wand (ADA Option)
  • Manual Lowering via Bottom Bar
  • Single Bracket Design
  • Can be Combined with Inside-Mount Sheers
  • Customizable Fabric

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