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January 30, 2023

CMG’s January Color Alert®: Revival Green

Color Alert® is an exciting monthly feature from Color Marketing Group® (CMG), illuminating one color each month from CMG’s World Color Forecast and validating  color predictions in the market.



Cool, Calm, and Collected

Ahhhh, the beginning of a new year, and after a bit of a rest, the great feeling of being revived and moving forward. Answering the call for a comfortable, easy start to the year, Revival Green appears as a color that is effortlessly cool and calm, and ready to take on the year with ease.

Standard Textile featured fabrics: 1) Astrid in Atmosphere, 2) Arena in Rookwood, 3) Bellatrix in Pacific, 4) Celeste in Seafoam, and 5) Enso in Sea Foam

A Natural Neutral

Green is usually considered refreshing, nurturing and connects a love for nature and the universal desire to protect Mother Earth. Slightly muted with a grey nuance, Revival Green is a blue based green that conjures the design imagination with one of nature’s predominant hues. Its status as Color Marketing Group’s European 2023 Key Color underscores its importance in the design world, and intimates that it will undoubtedly appear in products around the world.

The worldliness of this subtly washed-looking “natural neutral” allows it to blend in or enhance almost any other hue, or pattern. Its quiet element also makes it easy to grace textiles for home and fashion alike, in diverse materials and styles from contemporary to traditional. It is be a new type of color for automotive and consumer goods as well, adding a contemplative color to products that usually reverberate with speed and movement. Revival Green balances the high-end technology of those products with its touch of earthy composure.

A hue that feels fresh, but does so in a quiet way, Revival Green is just the hue to start the year with an easy-going attitude.

How our interior customers are incorporating Revival Green

At Standard Textile, we’re seeing requests for this blue based muted, green throughout various spaces. Revival Green can be found in fabrics that bring an eco vibe and coolness to spaces through mixing and matching solids, biophilia, and geometric patterns. In hospitality, customers are pairing muted greens, blue, and grays in their décor through their window treatments like custom printed solar shade designs, wallcoverings. and upholstery. Custom printed shower curtains featuring nature inspired prints bring a serene spa experience to bathroom and spa spaces. In healthcare, we are seeing Revival Green used in fabrics for furnishings such as chairs for lobbies and offices, adding lightness and harmony. In healing spaces, such as recovery rooms, privacy curtains that are Revival Green color forward bring a sense of tranquility to rooms.

When in doubt, zen it out! Check out our fabric gallery for Revival Green color inspiration.



Color Marketing Group® (CMG) is the premier international association for color design professionals. Their mission is creating accurate and relevant color and trend forecast information by connecting global color professionals in their shared passion. Members represent a broad spectrum of designers, marketers, color scientists, consultants, educators, and artists.