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September 8, 2021

Labor Shortages Put Strain on Hoteliers

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It’s no secret – guests are back! We’ve already discussed how guests are making up for lost time and that hotels are seeing an unexpected spike in occupancy.

The increased travel demand is putting pressure on the hospitality industry. In recent months, businesses in all sectors have experienced staffing shortages. And the hospitality industry is no different.

According to business insider, a third of former hospitality workers won’t return to the industry after the pandemic. For hoteliers, this places extreme pressure on maintaining sanitation protocols, turning over rooms quickly, and continuing to meet customer expectations.

The ongoing labor shortage has created a double-edge sword for hoteliers. While it’s thrilling to see hotels busy and generating revenue again, the pressure faced by hoteliers and staff is intense. Higher prices caused by the increased demand leads customers to raise expectations. Unfortunately, those expectations can be difficult to meet with a smaller staff.

One Solution to Enhance Productivity for All

Hoteliers and staff are wearing many hats during this pandemic and need products that will aid them in their exorbitant efforts. Our OneSTEP® program is a collection of solutions that offer housekeepers and laundry professionals tools to shorten processing and room makeup time.

Your products should work for you, not against you.

Reduce Room Makeup Time

Turning over rooms can feel overwhelming when also needing to complete other jobs. Some properties have even decided not to service rooms until after guests have checked out to save time. Of course, with less frequent cleaning, the room can be even messier than typical. The OneSTEP® program tackles this issue with sheeting and terry designed to speed up room changing.

EZ ID® – utilized in our sheeting and terry products, this ID color-coding system enables staff to easily identify size of the product.

  • Terry – Color-coded tag identifying towel weight.
  • Sheeting – Color-coded selvage yarn running down the sheet that will be tucked into the bed so it won’t change guest appearance.

Center-Lock Labels – easily identify the center of the sheet when making a bed so both sides are even on the first try.

Balanced Hems – either hem can be the top so housekeepers don’t have to spend time figuring out which side goes at the head of the bed.

After a guest checks out of a guestroom, it can take 45 minutes to turn over a standard room and the making of a hotel bed can take 5 minutes or less. During this time, products that can help save a few minutes and ease hoteliers’ stressors are critical.

Get more details on how OneSTEP® can save your team precious time.

Reduce Processing Time

A hand holding a stack of three folded bath towels.

Our Room Ready® terry goes straight from the box to the housekeeping cart without the need for laundering!

For housekeepers and hoteliers, laundry is a normal part of the job. But when working with a smaller staff, every minute matters. Imagine if you could skip the initial wash and get product directly to the guest? We have a solution for you – no processing required.

We partnered with P&G to create Room Ready® For You Laundered with Tide®. A program that gets linens in your guest rooms quicker. Products with Room Ready come pre-laundered in a clean environment to avoid contamination and ensure optimal cleanliness.

Hoteliers and associates don’t have to spend their time laundering a new shipment and can immediately put products in guestrooms. By bypassing the time, labor, and costs of up-front processing, hoteliers can focus their energy on the guest experience.

We are Here for You

The past year and a half has been filled with unexpected twists and turns that hoteliers have had to tackle. Standard Textile is proud to always support the hospitality industry, especially during a time of short staffing. Contact us to discuss products that can save your team time and money.