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April 22, 2024

Introducing a Sustainable Solution for Linen Disposal

Take-Back Recycling Program

In 2022 we introduced a pilot Take-Back Recycling Program in collaboration with two of our hospitality customers, with over 35 properties nationwide. The aim was to address the challenge of managing textiles that are at the end of their life and are damaged beyond the possibility of donation for reuse. This initiative allowed us to test the processes and effectiveness of this program. The data from the two-year pilot is remarkable, showcasing the significant impact achieved:

  • 6,080 pounds of textiles were diverted from landfills in 2022
  • 5,800 pounds were diverted in 2023
  • A total of 11,880 pounds of linens were saved from being discarded into landfills

Building on this success, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Take-Back Recycling Program to all hospitality customers. This program aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability, emphasizing product reuse wherever possible. It provides our customers with a convenient and responsible solution for the disposal of retired linens, which are then sent back to our facilities for repurposing or recycling.

Getting started is simple! Hospitality customers in the U.S. can contact their Standard Textile representatives for more information on how to participate and how to properly return their retired linens.

How The Take Back Recycling Program Works


Embracing a streamlined approach to sustainability has its perks! With a singular, seamless process across all locations, we ensure simplicity and uniformity in our sustainability efforts, making it easy for our customers to participate. Additionally, our reporting capabilities highlight this program’s success, allow us to track progress effectively, and continuously improve.

Interested in joining our efforts towards sustainability? Contact us today to get started!