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October 21, 2020

Wallcoverings: They’re sticking around! 

In world of scrolling feeds and insta-worthy images, wall design is something designers are considering when faced with mounting pressure to keep up with what guests really want: a unique, personalized experience.  

Wallcoverings have a big impact on property’s look and functional capabilities. From lobbies to waiting rooms, to bathrooms and guestrooms, wallcoverings can brand your space, and create an environment that speaks to your guests. Designers can help transform a space by adding elements of interior design that will enhance a customer’s response to the experience, along with other features like lightingnegative space, technology, and scent. This is where wall treatments and statement walls come into the fold. 

A Statement Piece 

Eye-catching focal walls in areas such as behind the bed or front desk are now mainstream in hospitality. While creating a soothing, healing focal point are prominent in healthcare.  Wallcoverings can not only add a pop of color, but they are becoming art pieces of their own with the ability to customize artwork.  At Standard Textile, our Interior’s Group offers the ability to custom print wallcoverings tailored to your brand or space with imagepoint® 

It is as simple as supplying your own art or working with our design team to create something new and unique to your brand. 

Hospitality designers are also bringing graphic dimension to walls for a structured, architectural look. Large patterns, heavy textures, and botanicals are also a wall favorite to add warmth and character to a space. Our wallcoverings gallery is a great place to start for inspiration! 

Functional and Fashionable 

More and more hotels and hospitals are considering the functional attributes of their wallcoverings in addition to aesthetics. More than a statement piece, wallcoverings also add durability and protection to the wall. Ensuring proper implementation of wallcoverings are essential to making sure your wall treatment investment lasts. When selecting and installing new wallcoverings, you’ll need to work with a knowledgeable, responsible team that fully comprehends fire codes, brand standards, and other necessary compliance measures. 

One thing to consider when deciding on wallcoverings is the long-term care of them. Standard Textile’s substrates meet FR ASTM E84 as well as Federal Specification CCC-W-408D testing guidelines for contract wallcoverings. These guidelines focus on 16 characteristics: Colorfastness, Washability, Scrubbability, Abrasion Resistance, Breaking Strength, Crocking, Stain Resistance, Tear Resistance, Blocking Resistance, Coating Adhesion, Cold Crack Resistance, Heat Aging Resistance, Flame Spread and Smoke Development, Shrinkage, and Mildew Resistance. We also offer NSF 342 and PVC-free options are available.  

All wallcovering adhesives contain a biocide system. These systems are designed to prevent bacteria contamination and mildew/fungal infestation.  

Express yourself! Our 4 Custom Design Tiers 

We offer four design tiers to best fit the scope and goals of your project. Whether you have existing artwork or designs, want to use one of our stock designs or patterns, or if want to partner with our team of experts to source or create a custom design—we’ve got you covered.  

  •  TIER 1: Includes wallcoverings that are existing designs on our Inspiration Gallery. 
  •  TIER 2: Provide your own ready-to-use artwork, or our design team can easily source art for a design. 
  •  TIER 3: Customer provides the artwork, but it requires design changes or customization. Or let our design team create a custom design for your project.
  •  TIER 4 : The art requested requires much more detail and effort to create. We can partner with an external designer or artist to commission a design that is all your own. 

Standard Textile’s Interiors team also help with all things in between, from sourcing or creating your design, to measurement and installation, partner with our team of experts to bring your project to life, on time, and on budget.  

Standard Textile is focused on delivering custom interior solutions for healthcare, hospitality, educational, and other commercial environments. For more information about wallcoveringscontact our Interiors Group.