OneSTEP® stands for “One Solution to Enhance Productivity” and the products do just that. While each solution offers a unique set of benefits to hoteliers, when combined they offer housekeepers and laundry professionals tools to shorten processing and room make-up time.

Sheeting Benefits

  • EZ ID® sheeting provides color-coding of the selvage yarns running down the side of the sheet, without having to compromise the luxurious appearance.
  • Center-Lock Labels identify the center of a sheet when making a bed.
  • Balanced Hems allow either end of the sheet to be the top.

Terry Benefits

  • EZ ID® terry color-coding system enables staff to easily identify towel weights by a distinct color bar on the sew-in label.
  • Dimensionally stabilized dobby borders eliminate the unsightly hour-glassing that normally affects terry products.
  • Square-cornered wash towels last longer than traditional washcloths by eliminating the “whiskering.”

Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide®

Clean, fresh and bed-ready right out of the box. Your housekeepers can use sheeting and terry straight from the box to the bed or bath without the need to send for laundering.

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A house keeper placing a flat sheet on a hotel bed.

A detail shot showing a variety of color coded EZ ID threads.

A detail shot of several Bath towels with EZ ID color coded labels.

A close up shot of Standard Textile sheets.