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CORE stands for Concept, Operation, Results, and Execution. This one-of-a-kind, world class textile development laboratory is located at our World Headquarters. CORE showcases our unique capability for high-speed, low-cost prototyping. Visitors can see a product move from concept to execution. The CORE comprises four distinct areas:

A behind the scenes look into our CORE facility prototyping room, various yarn and weaving machines are visible.

Advanced Concept Development Center

A miniature, yarn-forward vertical textile manufacturing facility. We can incorporate or duplicate the same elements of fabric formation as any of our manufacturing plants around the world. Using custom-engineered and custom-built machinery, all of the materials created in the CORE are fully scalable to our manufacturing operations.

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A behind the scenes look at our Laundry lab, featuring several technicians working on various projects.

Textile Processing & Operations Center

A full-scale commercial laundry operation. Used for testing and evaluating fabrics and products in development, we can duplicate precisely what the fabric will be exposed to in the field. The center facilities a full understanding of processing as experienced by institutional customers. The center also utilizes our proprietary technology that captures real-time utility, water, and chemical usage. This actionable data uncovers opportunities to lower operational costs and optimize the laundering process while maintaining consistent quality.

A behind the scenes view of our Performance, Measurement, and Validation Lab.

Performance Measurement & Validation Laboratory

A state-of-the-art, comprehensive testing facility. This centralized resource incorporates product development and evaluation, quality assurance testing, customer-generated product investigations, and customer requests. A broad spectrum of tests can be administered to assess products for physical and performance attributes.

A behind the scenes view into our Prototype Production Center, featuring several team members working at sewing machines.

Prototype Production Center

A multi-faceted fabrication facility that delivers complete product design packages to our manufacturing operations. Our highly skilled group of master technicians replicate production of our sewn products. We determine the most advantageous, cost-effective methods of fabrication and provide a launch point for finished product specifications.