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ComPel® Fabric

Comfort and protection are the essential performance characteristics of our innovative ComPel® fabric. Patented continuous filament synthetic construction, combined with sophisticated manufacturing and finishing technologies, provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable products.

The micro-porous construction of the fabric allows moisture vapor to pass through as liquids are repelled. This non-linting, lightweight fabric offers healthcare professionals durable, dependable liquid-resistant protection. The ComPel® family of products includes isolation and precaution gowns, lab coats, and surgical gowns and wrappers.

A close up photo of our ComPel fabric with water beaded up.

An Innovative Surgical Fabric

What sets ComPel® fabric apart from the rest? The benefits of this innovative fabric are numerous:

  • 100% synthetic
  • Liquid resistant yet breathable
  • Lightweight, latex free and virtually lint free
  • Class I Flame spread rating
  • Demonstrated cost savings versus disposables
  • Integrated QCM grid on all ComPel® products helps track wash/dry/autoclave cycles to ensure accurate lifecycle monitoring and quality control
A staged surgery scene featuring all the linens, wraps, towels, etc required for a procedure. The Compel surgical wrapper is seen prominently.

The Value of Reusables

The advantages of reusable products might come as a surprise. Switching from all disposable products to a mix of reusable and disposable can save your organization money, reduce waste, and lower your environmental footprint. Studies have shown that compared to disposables, reusables are more comfortable, easier to use, and safer.

Two medical professionals wearing ComPel® surgical apparel. These medical gowns are designed to provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable products.

We’re Here for You

SurgiTex® Consultative Services help you realize the maximum benefits from our reusable surgical products. Our team of experts and clinicians will analyze every aspect of your surgical pack processing, and develop a customized plan that improves quality, lowers cost, increases efficiency, and reduces waste. We can provide engineering, clinical training, quality assurance, and technical service support.