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Wash-Activated Patterning

By listening intently to our customers, we learned that one of the biggest struggles hotel laundries face is ensuring wrinkle-free beds. With traditional top covers, the only way to get a crisp, wrinkle-free look is by using an industrial flatwork ironer. Many properties do not have the space or budget for this large piece of equipment. If ironing top covers is not an option for these customers, how else can we help them create an attractive, consistent, comfortable guest bed experience?

Well made hotel bed with Cumulus top cover in StormCloud.

Meet The Cumulus® Top Cover

Cumulus® has quickly become the top cover of choice for hotels large and small. Ditch the iron and discover what you’ve been missing with this innovative no-iron top cover, featuring wash-activated patterning.

A detail shot showcasing the Cumulus wash-activated pattern.

Taking Ironing Out of the Equation

Wash-activated patterning became a patented solution to this problem. Available exclusively from Standard Textile, this soft, rippling pattern is activated by the washing process and no ironing is required or even recommended at all. Simply launder in hot water (140°F or higher) prior to first use, dry, and that’s it. The purposefully “wrinkled by design” texture hides what would otherwise be unsightly wrinkles. The pattern’s visual appeal endures throughout the life of the product, actually improving with each wash.

Added Bonus: Save on Laundering Costs

In addition to removing the time and cost of ironing, wash-activated patterning also allows the end product to be lighter than comparable generic products. Reduced overall product weight decreases drying time and yields significant processing cost savings for our customers.