Comfort and protection are the essential performance characteristics of our innovative ComPel® fabric. Patented continuous filament synthetic construction combined with sophisticated manufacturing and finishing technologies provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable products.

The micro-porous construction of ComPel® fabric allows moisture vapor to pass through as liquids are repelled. This non-linting, lightweight fabric offers healthcare professionals durable, dependable liquid-resistant protection. The ComPel® family of products includes isolation and precaution gowns, lab coats, and surgical gowns and wrappers.

• 100% synthetic.
• Lightweight, latex free, and virtually lint free.
• Class I Flame spread.
• Demonstrated cost savings versus disposables.
• Integrated QCM grid on all ComPel® products helps track wash/dry/auto clave cycles to ensure accurate life-cycle monitoring and quality control.

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A ComPel Lab Coat on a grey background.

Two medical professionals wearing surgical apparel.

A staged surgery scene featuring all the linens, wraps, towels, etc required for a procedure.