ComPel® Surgical Gowns

Protection and comfort are the essential performance characteristics engineered into innovative ComPel® surgical fabric. Patented continuous-filament synthetic construction combined with sophisticated manufacturing and finishing technologies provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable, protective products.

Our innovative ComPel® technology utilizes a patented optimized synthetic microfilament construction that repels liquids even as it allows moisture vapor to pass through. It also delivers significant documented cost savings versus disposable gowns.

Comfort panel back is woven with ESD (electro-static dissipative) yarns to eliminate static.

The lapover side-tie design, long sleeves, and synthetic stockinette cuffs deliver a comfortable fit with complete coverage. ComPel® fabric is very durable and holds up well to the rigors of industrial laundering.

Meets AAMI PB70 Level 2 barrier standards.

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Two surgeons wearing blue Compel Surgical Gowns.

A ComPel surgical gown seen from the back. These gowns medical offer protection and comfort.