Hospital Gowns

We offer a diverse selection of reusable hospital gowns, designed to provide comfort and confidence for patients and lasting quality and durability for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

A sampling of our comprehensive line of quality medical gowns is featured below. Specialty gowns and pediatric hospital gowns are also available.

Patient Gowns

Our hospital gowns are designed for comfort, colorfastness, and long-lasting durability, featuring high-quality construction and offered in various fabric weights and sizes for ideal patient comfort. Available in a variety of traditional and modern colors and patterns.

Patterns Available

Options with IV Sleeve

Options with IV Sleeve & Telemetry Pocket

E*Star® Patient Gowns

E*Star® hospital gowns are made from fabric that is exceptionally durable, has outstanding colorfastness, and is fast drying.

E*Star® gowns are part of a collection of reusable textile and apparel products designed to reduce environmental impact and decrease operating costs.

Patterns Available

Options IV Sleeve & Telemetry Pocket

Healing Spaces® Patient Gown

Our Healing Spaces® patient gowns are made from our own heavyweight jersey knit, similar to the fabrics a patient would use at home. The Healing Spaces® patient-centered philosophy focuses on creating a more comfortable, soothing, and less institutional experience for patients.

Pattern Available

Option with IV Sleeve & Telemetry Pocket

DermaTherapy® Patient Gowns

DermaTherapy® is an FDA approved linen collection made from skin-friendly fabric that allows the skin to move more easily against the fabric’s surface. When this collection of linens is used together, they are clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of pressure injuries.

DermaTherapy® silk-like fabric has been recognized and recommended in the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Clinical Practice Guideline.

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A patient wearing a reusable hospital gown is being comforted by her doctor. E*Star® medical gowns, shown in the Leaves pattern. Our hospital patient gowns offer a solution for patients, caregivers & medical teams, with clinically compatible access points, full coverage.