Healthcare Specialty Patient Gowns & Apparel

We offer a diverse selection of reusable patient gowns and apparel, designed to provide comfort and confidence for patients with specific healthcare needs. All of our specialty gowns are made with lasting quality and durability in mind for healthcare facilities.

A sampling of our comprehensive line of specialty patient gowns and apparel is featured below. Also explore traditional healthcare patient gowns.

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Healing Spaces® Mammography Robe

Our Healing Spaces® Mammography Robe featuring modern jacket styling fits comfortably over pants and skirts. Well-cut armhole openings offer freedom of movement and two sets of front closures allow for modesty during exams.

Healing Spaces® Mother's Gown

Made from heavyweight jersey knit fabric, Healing Spaces® Mother’s Gowns offer the comfort and dignity of home to new moms, from admittance through delivery and after.


These premium terry robes are ideal for patient comfort. Our bathrobes for healthcare are available in a variety of styles

Bariatric Patient Gowns

Our bariatric patient gowns are engineered to comfortably accommodate bariatric patients. Wide necklines and sleeves make this a versatile garment for a variety of body shapes and styles. Double ties at the neck and waist allow for better flexibility and fit.

Patient Pajama Tops

Our patient pajama tops are designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. Available in an array of colors and fabrics, tops also serve as an option for ambulatory patients as a replacement for the standard hospital gown.

Patient Pajama Pants

Our patient pajama pants give your patients the comfort they deserve. Available in an array of colors and fabrics suitable for a variety of patient requirements.

Risk Identity Gowns

Risk identity gowns help your staff more readily identify and monitor patients deemed at risk for falling, elopement, and other safety concerns. It is offered in Kaleidoscope Yellow, consistent with the industry standard.

100 cotton specialty gown

100% Cotton Patient Gown

Our ceil blue 100% cotton patient gowns feature 100% cotton hem threads and label to remove potential static properties, while also providing an exceptionally comfortable experience for your patients.

Learn More About Specialty Patient Gowns & Apparel

Standard Textile offers a variety of features and options for our specialty patient gowns. Contact us to speak with a healthcare consultant to make the right patient gown and/or apparel choice for your patients’ needs.

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A women seated on a patient bed wearing a Healing Spaces bathrobe, designed for healthcare facilities.