ComPel® Isolation Gown

One of the greatest challenges healthcare providers face is moving toward a more sustainable, environmentally responsible culture, while ensuring patient and staff protection and comfort.
Compared to disposable products, reusable isolation gowns offer research-supported energy, water, carbon footprint, waste, and instrument recovery savings. They also offer improved comfort and protective properties. Options for isolation gowns with EDS yarns for static control also available.

Breathable, Reusable, and Liquid-Resistant Isolation Gowns

Our isolation gowns are manufactured with innovative ComPel® technology. ComPel® utilizes a patented optimized synthetic microfilament construction that repels liquids even as it allows moisture vapor to pass through. It also delivers significant documented cost savings versus disposable gowns.

Smartly Designed for Healthcare

The lapover sidetie design, long sleeves, and synthetic stockinette cuffs deliver a comfortable fit with complete coverage. ComPel® fabric is durable and holds up well to the rigors of industrial laundering.

Precaution gowns are available in three sizes (L, XL, 3XL) with color-coded ties and binding and includes a QCM grid for monitoring wash/dry cycles.

Other features include:

  • Lightweight, Latex Free and Virtually Lint Free
  • Patented Synthetic Construction
  • Jet Dyed

ComPel® isolation and precaution gowns are available in traditional rear open, front open, and our patent-pending EasyRelease® designs.


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close-up of reusable isolation gown

Image shows the back closure of reusable isolation gown. This reusable isolation gown is manufactured with innovative ComPel® technology.

Isolation Gown Back Closure

This image demonstrates the front opening of our reusable isolation gown. Our precaution gowns are manufactured with innovative ComPel® technology.

Front Opening Isolation Gown