PerVal® Bath Blankets

Choose a bath blanket that’s been engineered to last, use after use

  • Standard Textile Exclusive Product
  • Multifilament polyester warp yarn to increase strength and extend service life
  • Unnapped construction lasts longer and generates less lint
  • Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hemmed ends ensure durability
  • 88% Cotton/12% Polyester

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Need To Know

Bath blankets are a multi-purpose product that can have many uses throughout a facility. Common applications include an extra bed blanket or a lightweight blanket for Recovery and/or the ER. These versatile blankets can also be used for patient propping/positioning and more.

PerVal® Bath Blankets are an Standard Textile exclusive product that our engineers developed using a spun/microfilament construction. Multifilament polyester yarn is much stronger than traditional polyester yarn, and by adding this to the warp of this bath blanket, we’ve created the ultimate in strength and durability. In addition, the absence of mechanical napping alleviates fiber damage—that means the blanket will last longer and generate less lint, giving you a truer service weight. Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems top off the features of this impressively durable, long-lasting product.

Choose from a variety of sizes to meet your facility’s specific needs. Available sizes include 70″x96″, 70″x84″, and 70″x78″. Available in Natural and Bleached (70″x96″ only).

  • Standard Textile Exclusive Product
  • Spun/Filament Construction
  • Unnapped
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Double-Needle Hemmed Ends
  • 88% Cotton/12% Polyester
  • Available Sizes: 70″x96″, 70″x84″, 70″x78″
  • Available Colors: Natural, Bleached (70″x96″ only)

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