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July 30, 2021

Common Laundry Mistakes that Can Ruin Hotel Linens

3 industrial laundry machines in a row

A hotel’s linens are crucial to the guest experience. Not only can the products you choose affect satisfaction, but also how linens are treated. We have discussed how to appropriately care for your hotel’s sheeting and terry, and how laundry best practices can help extend product life and quality. But sometimes even small laundry mishaps may be unknowingly damaging product.

Let’s walk through important laundry DON’Ts from our laundry experts that will keep your linens in tip-top shape.

Washing Don’ts for Hotel Linens

By now, washing products may feel like second nature to hoteliers and their laundry team. It’s just water and soap – what can go wrong with that? Surprisingly, there are a few washing habits to stay away from in order to keep sheets and linens looking and feeling fresh.

  • Don’t Wash Different Products Together – separate linens into their classifications (sheets, towels, stained items, etc.). Terry and sheeting should not be washed together since they require different processing techniques. Also, make sure avoid mixing any cotton only products with cotton-poly blends.
  • Avoid Aggressive Wash Cycles – this can speed up wear and tear, and reduce product life. Make sure the wash cycle is appropriate to what is being washed.
  • Don’t Overload the Washer – overloading can reduce the waterflow needed to properly clean linens. Our CORE laboratory experts recommend loads be at 80% capacity.

Drying Don’ts for Hotel Linens

The drying process is the prime time for shrinkage to occur. The evaporation of water from the product can also lead to the hems and fibers constricting.

  • Don’t Over Dry or Overheat – end the drying cycle with a cool down and remove linens when they are still slightly damp.
  • Don’t Leave in Dryer After Cycle Finishes– allowing textiles to sit once the drying cycle has concluded causes wrinkles and damage to the product.

Stain Treatment Don’ts for Hotel Linens

You know what they say: Stains happen…or something like that. Stains are an inevitable issue hoteliers and housekeepers face (think cosmetic stains!). The easiest way to deal with stains is prevention. Since stain prevention isn’t always possible, finding a stain early on can make all the difference in removing it.

  • Don’t Allow Stains to Set– finding a stain before it is allowed to dry or exposed to heat can ease the removal process.
  • Don’t Dry if Stain is Still Present After Washing – set aside for further treatment and washing. Allowing it to dry can further complicate removal.

Storage Don’ts for Hotel Linens

We typically recommend hotels operate with 3 par (1 on bed, 1 in laundry, and 1 at rest). Of course, there are times when longer term storage is necessary. If proper precautions are not taken when storing, damage can occur thus hurting par levels.

  • Don’t Store in the Sun – product is best stored in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated area to prevent damage.
  • Don’t Store in Plastic – plastic does not breathe and leaves room for condensation to occur, resulting in mildew.
  • Don’t Forget to Let Your Linens Restall linens need a break. Putting linens back in service straight away prevents moisture absorption, facilitating the risk of tearing.

 Good Practices Lead to Great Guest Experiences

A hotel’s linens and terry are one of the most-customer facing items in your guest room. It’s important to make sure they keep their best face forward for your guests. Not only is it important to know the best way to launder, but also laundering habits that can damage your products. Standard Textile Consultants are available for any questions you may have.