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July 14, 2020

Antimicrobial Fabrics for Hospitality—Your Questions Answered

With an increased concerned about the impact of microbes and pathogens, the hospitality industry is faced with finding alternative fabrics that ensure room cleanliness. In this article, we address frequently asked questions about antimicrobial fabrics and how they work.

man removing clean towels from industrial washer

June 18, 2020

Laundering Best Practices: 8 Part Series Recap for Perfect Laundering

Laundry care can affect the perception of your hotel and your bottom line. This can make a big impact on guest satisfaction and the rate at which a hotel gains repeat customers, so it’s important to take a look at your laundry practices to ensure you’re consistently delivering the best results.

AllerEase® Platinum Pillow Protectors

June 10, 2020

Keeping Pillows Clean for Your Guests

With today’s heightened awareness of cleanliness, every step in the room cleaning process is under scrutiny. Examining cleanliness of items laundered on a cyclical basis—such as pillows—is more important than ever.

Stack of white hotel towels on a table

June 8, 2020

What You Need to Know About Linen Shrinkage

Follow these simple steps to minimize product shrinkage and other common threats to the life of your hospitality linen and terry supply.

May 28, 2020

Standard Textile Provides Continuing Education at Virtual AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo

AORN members may receive free continuing education contact hours from our seminar: “The Role of Textiles in Creating a Safer and Healthier Perioperative Environment” now through July 31, 2020.

May 28, 2020

Protective Products for Hospitality: Fostering a Safe Environment for Customers and Staff Alike

Giving staff the right equipment and supplies is crucial. It ensures the safety and wellbeing of not only guests, but also hotel employees.  

Housekeeper at a hotel making a bed with top cover and triple sheeting

May 27, 2020

Triple Sheeting: A Must for a Clean Hotel Room

Triple sheeting has long been a trend in hospitality across all tiers of properties, offering a clean and crisp look. But it’s not simply an aesthetic choice. Let’s revisit why triple sheeting became the go-to method in hospitality

Standard Textile's Privacy Curtain Fabric Restore Collection

May 25, 2020

Restore Privacy Curtain Fabrics: Elevated, Yet Approachable

Standard Textile’s Restore Privacy Curtain Fabric Collection offers healthcare facilities a selection of elevated, transitional fabrics that are still approachable.

Standard Textile's Privacy Curtain Fabric Intrepid Collection

May 25, 2020

Intrepid: Designer-Focused Privacy Curtain Fabric Collection

Featuring four designer-focused patterns with a soft hand. The Intrepid Collection offers designers for healthcare fabrics that create comfortable, warm environments for patients and medical staff.

dark cosmetic stain on a white towel

May 21, 2020

5 Tips Steps to Tackle Cosmetic Stains on Your Hotel’s Linens

Stains are an unavoidable, everyday issue for hoteliers. Check out this helpful article specifically addressing how to deal with cosmetic and other common stains.