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Corporate Social Responsibility

Image of cotton growing in a field. Blue sky can be seen in the background,

Standard Textile has a proud history of environmental leadership and a demonstrated commitment to responsible products and processes. We thoughtfully address this vital issue from all angles, from our manufacturing operations to a massive materials recycling program to delivering pre-laundered sheets and terry products that reduce energy consumption to engineering products for a longer service life.

We focus on stewardship in three major areas of manufacturing methods and processes:

  1. Responsibly managing energy consumption, utilization and generation
  2. Aggressively recycling both manufacturing process supplies and byproduct materials
  3. Conscientiously considering environmental impact during product development and engineering

Standard Textile is passionate about being a good corporate citizen.  We believe innovation and collaboration are critical to establishing best practices in design, product development, and business management that best serve our customers.

Download Standard Textile’s CSR Highlights [pdf]

Commitment to Sustainability

Standard Textile is the leading global vertically integrated provider of technology-driven textiles and management solutions. We understand the role our products play in the markets we serve as well as the impact that the manufacturing, distribution, and processing our products can have on the environment.

We strive to continuously conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and respect.

These values are reflected in our approach to sustainability, as evidenced by our commitment to operating all elements of our business in a manner that advantageously serves the needs and expectations of future generations to live with clean water and air, responsibly managed forests and oceans, and a habitable climate.

We actively encourage all associates to contribute and lead in steering us toward environmentally and socially preferable improvement in our operations. We will focus our innovative endeavors on the delivery of sustainable products and services that correspond with this vision. We understand sustainability and responsible business operations as a means of creating meaningful value for our customers and enhancing the future prospects of our company for continuing market leadership and success.

Download Standard Textile’s Commitment to Sustainability [pdf]

Supply Chain Programs & Innovation

Energy Consumption, Utilization, and Generation

Standard Textile has a proven track record of responsibly consuming, utilizing, and generating energy in our manufacturing processes. Globally, we adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations to both create and employ a rigorous template for environmental success.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Through continuous improvement, we are constantly finding ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Materials are recycled and reused throughout our manufacturing processes. Waste fibers and fabrics created by selvage trimming, cut and sew, and miscellaneous manufacturing operations are recycled; yarn cones are returned and reused by spinning operations; and pallets used for yarn cone shipments are returned and reused for subsequent shipments. Cumulatively, these efforts avoid more than five million pounds of landfill waste each year.

Product Design and Development

We’re committed to engineering products that reduce energy consumption at both the manufacturing and end-user levels, as well as incorporate recycled and sustainable fibers.

For example, Standard Textile’s patented Centium Core Technology® reduces terry product weight and increases product strength and longevity, while enhancing performance, appearance, product hand and guest/patient satisfaction.

Another step we’ve taken is to pre-launder our sheets and towels. This process uses 58% less energy than a typical commercial laundry. In addition to the positive environmental impact, our  customers receive their terry and sheeting products clean and ready to use right out of the box.

In addition to Centium Core Technology®-enhanced and pre-laundered products, we also offer products made with recycled materials. One example of this is our offering of Crypton® Green commercial upholstery fabrics, which are made from 100% recycled polyester. We’re also exploring organic and sustainable fibers as a growing area of interest for our customers and our industry.

Looking to the Future

Our legacy is rooted in innovation, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best products to our customers. We are on a path of continuous environmental progress, moving constantly toward a better result and a brighter future for all of us.