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Innovating to Enable Sustainable & Measurable Solutions

Standard Textile has a long history of environmental leadership. Throughout the company’s history, we have been committed to curbing the costly tide of disposable waste by creating reusable textiles that solve the needs of our customers while contributing to a healthier environment.

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Solutions Engineered To Reduce Energy & Water Consumption

Our Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® program saves customers the energy, water, and costs associated with the first processing cycle. Sheets and towels can be immediately placed into service. We launder with P&G Pro Line® Tide® detergent, which is free of harsh alkalines and phosphates.

Our E*Star® product line of healthcare products is engineered specifically to reduce the consumption of energy utilized during the laundering process. These products process more quickly at lower temperatures, resulting in proven energy savings over conventional textiles.

Proven Technology That Extends Product Life

Centium Core Technology® is a patented fabric formation technology that reconfigures the base yarns of a woven fabric. 100% cotton yarn encapsulates Centium synthetic microfilament bundles to help linen better withstand the rigors of institutional laundering, leading to an extended service life.

Product Design Strategies for a Sustainable Future

To the untrained eye, Gradient® looks like a traditionally woven towel. However, Gradient® terry features the Comfort Experience Zone™—a strategically balanced design with the highest pile in the center to provide an exceptional guest experience at a lower product weight, providing a targeted drying experience that results in dramatic CO2 and water savings.

Laundry Solutions for Economic Sustainability

ControlTex® LBS and ControlTex® TMS offer laundry efficiency programs that provide customers with an organized, systematic approach to controlling the costs of linen utilization. In addition to controlling costs, this program reduces waste by minimizing excess inventory. Our dedicated team of textile consultants help customers analyze every aspect of their laundry/linen chain and recommend improvements.