ControlTex® LBS® Laundry Business Systems

Realize greater efficiencies & streamline processes in laundry operations with web-based ControlTex® LBS®

  • Automate tasks that waste time and cause excessive errors in laundry operations
  • Streamline billing, piece and poundage tracking, and production planning
  • Realize greater efficiencies and accuracy in managing labor, transportation, item tracking, and more
  • Complements linen management support from Standard Textile Consultative Services

Everything You
Need To Know

Standard Textile’s dedicated team of textile, laundry, and clinical experts work together to analyze every aspect of your linen operation and recommend process improvements that significantly reduce your total linen system costs—all while maintaining the highest level of patient care and cost accountability.

ControlTex® LBS® is an business management software tool that marries decades of industry-specific experience with the power and convenience of web-based software.

Benefits of ControlTex® LBS®:

  • Maximize Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Multiple Reporting Functions
  • Multi-User Access w/ Password Security Controls
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • User and Report Manuals

ControlTex® LBS® is exclusive linen-management software utilized by our Consultative Services to optimize linen operations for laundry systems. For information about optimizing linen operations within your facility or health system, consider ControlTex® TMS®.

5 Modules Available for ControlTex® LBS®. Contact Consultative Services for documentation on implementation and user training.

  • Order/Production Planning
  • Shipping/Receiving/Billing
  • Transportation
  • Item Tracking
  • Pack Room Management

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