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Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Our global manufacturing and distribution footprint spans 24 manufacturing and distribution facilities in 12 countries, including facilities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Our well-structured vertical integration and global supply chain give you access to leading-edge innovations, consistent product quality, and dependable worldwide delivery.

Purpose-Driven Supply Chain

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we restructured our global supply chain to provide support for America’s frontline medical workers, leading an urgent charge to increase production of PPE (personal protective equipment) in order to provide hospitals and healthcare workers in the United States with additional protection against COVID-19.

The collaboration between our Research & Development Center (CORE) and operations in Thomaston, Georgia and Union, South Carolina, resulted in rapidly developing a unique American version of a liquid-resistant, breathable, and reusable cover gown for healthcare workers.

A Gradient bath towel draped over a stack of two folded Gradient bath towels.

Innovating at Every Stage

Full control over our entire supply chain gives us an opportunity to innovate at every stage. It also gives us the ability to collaborate meaningfully with customers to create solutions that meet specific needs. One example is Gradient® Towels which delivers significant laundry savings. We designed and engineered a lighter-weight towel that provides hotel guests the experience of a heavier-weight towel. From fiber development to patented weaving technologies to proprietary finishing processes, our focus is delivering unique products, consistent quality, and dependable on-time delivery.