SurgiTex® Reusable Surgical Textile Solutions

The SurgiTex® Surgical Textile Solutions system combines our clinical expertise and innovation. We offer a reusable, in-house surgical pack, drape, and gown system, completely customized to a customer’s facility, providing customers greater control over their surgical textile programs.

SurgiTex® Consultative Services help you realize the maximum benefits from our reusable surgical products. Our team of experts and clinicians will analyze every aspect of your surgical pack processing and develop a customized plan that improves quality, lowers cost, increases efficiency, and reduces waste.

We can provide engineering, clinical training, quality assurance, and technical service support. Hospitals that have taken advantage of our SurgiTex®sur system have realized significant savings.

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Two doctors prepping for surgery, wearing surgical gowns, masks, gloves, and hair protection.