Heidi Weisel Robe Collection

New York City fashion designer Heidi Weisel has brought passion and a fresh perspective to this robe collection. Modern guests care about quality and design. Millennials especially respect the craft and are interested in the story behind things.

This isn’t just a robe, it’s a sensory experience. The Heidi Weisel Robe Collection is a chance to connect with guests at another level and help them create memories that will last.

The Heidi Weisel Robe Collection is the only fashion-forward, truly luxurious collection of guest robes designed for how your guests want to feel. This collection marries guest comfort with high function, featuring thoughtful details such as oversized pockets, stylish hoods and collars, and elegant top-stitching.

The robes are crafted of only the softest, most luxurious fabric, including velvet terry and double-faced cotton terry jacquard. Unlike the shapeless, genderless robes widely available now, these robes feature fashionable silhouettes for both men and women. The robes are designed to fit and more importantly to flatter.

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Designer Heidi Weisel poses in front of a wall of various fabrics and patterns.

An fashion illustration of a model wearing a bath robe.

A woman wearing a Heidi Weisel robe.

A man and a woman posing together, both are wearing Heidi Weisel bath robes.