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Investment in the USA

Complementing our global manufacturing and distribution footprint spanning 12 countries, our focus on advanced manufacturing right here in the United States enables us to respond to our local customer needs faster. From rapid prototyping, to quickly adapting our supply chain, to welcoming customers on-site to experience our production facilities, we are able to provide the highest quality products and services while living our beliefs. A belief that through the power of community, the textile industry in America can thrive.

A detail shot of a pile of unfinished linens during the manufacturing process.

The American Dream Still Comes True

We have invested tens of millions of dollars in facilities in Thomaston, Georgia; Union, South Carolina; and Brownsville, Texas to bring new life to American textile production. These facilities now serve as models for the future of manufacturing in the U.S., demonstrating that we can competitively produce textiles in America.

Our manufacturing and distribution centers across the country provide skill-building careers, helping associates achieve their own American Dream.

A weaver at Standard Textile's Thomaston plant running a terry loom.

Advanced Skills for the Future

Out of respect for the people and communities many industries left behind, we’re bringing stable, skilled jobs back to the USA. These high-tech jobs provide opportunities for our associates to develop new, advanced skills to help them achieve more.

Building on the proud heritage of a defining period in American manufacturing, Standard Textile is creating an entirely new chapter of growth and opportunity in textile manufacturing.