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Graded-In Partners

We work with many top furniture manufacturers who offer our fabrics through graded-in programs. Our graded-in programs streamline the specifying process.


At Knú Contract, a patient’s needs come first, and even the smallest details aren’t overlooked. Knú Contract’s extensive offerings of seating, paired with the La-Z-Boy Healthcare line of seating, bring comfort, style and practicality to any clinical setting.


Krug is a leading designer and manufacturer of office and healthcare furniture solutions. Our customers include many of North America’s growing companies, and our products are specified by designers, architects and major distributors across the continent, and beyond.


Kwalu offers over 30 years of experience with high-quality, impeccably designed, durable furnishing for the senior living and healthcare markets. Based in North America, our broad manufacturing capabilities give us the flexibility to easily handle both small projects and those with extremely large scope.


National Office Furniture, a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality office furnishings. Since 1980, National has built a reputation for excellence with stylish furniture of exceptional value; a dedication to personalized service, product designs that reflect a passion for the user’s comfort and productivity, and a commitment to environmental responsibility.


For over 70 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for customers in healthcare around the globe. They offer a portfolio of products to meet the needs of a full-facility design, supporting the healing process for caregivers, patients, and guests.


Stance Healthcare was founded as a manufacturer of healthcare furniture, and it remains their sole focus. Stance Healthcare designs and manufactures healthcare-specific furniture for the waiting area, patient room, exam room, and dining room. In addition to comfort and functionality, their products also address the vital consideration of clean-ability.