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April 8, 2019

Press Release: The Future is Reusable: Standard Textile Debuts SurgiTex – Surgical Textile Solutions

CINCINNATI, Ohio (4/8/19) – Standard Textile announces the launch of SurgiTex™ – Surgical Textile Solutions, which will debut to attendees at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo in Nashville on April 6 – 10, 2019.

SurgiTex™ is a comprehensive program to help healthcare facilities realize the maximum benefits of reusable surgical products. Compared to disposable products, reusable linens offer research-supported energy, water, carbon footprint, waste, and instrument recovery savings, as well as improved comfort and protective properties. Research has shown that when comparing cost, comfort, and barrier protection, reusable items had a comparable or superior ranking to disposables.1

According to published research, healthcare facilities are the second highest contributor of environmental waste in the United States. The healthcare industry produces more than 6,600 tons of waste each day, which adds up to over four billion pounds of waste annually.2,3 Operating rooms are estimated to generate between 20% and 33% of the total waste produced in hospitals.4,5

“One of the greatest challenges we face as healthcare providers in Perioperative Services is moving toward a more sustainable, environmentally responsible culture,” stated Peg Fox, National Director of Surgical Services (MSN, BSN, RN) at Standard Textile. “We rely on evidence-based data and guidance from professional organizations like the Association of Perioperative Nursing to transition to more sustainable surgical practices.”

“We are excited about the recent hiring of Peg Fox, who has an extensive perioperative background in large health systems in Chicago and in the greater Cincinnati marketplace, and who has utilized both reusable and disposable surgical products,” said John Wintz, Group Vice President at Standard Textile. “Peg and her team are taking a very logical approach to assist healthcare facilities determine the cost effectiveness of reusable surgical textiles as part of a solution in making the OR arena more cost effective, safe, and sustainable.”

Standard Textile has a long history of servicing the healthcare industry and has developed a reputation for its consultative approach to understanding a facility’s business objectives to create innovative solutions that result in quantifiable savings. The SurgiTex™ system demonstrates the company’s consultative approach. A team of engineers, clinicians, and technical processing experts team together to collect data, analyze costs, and conduct trials. Implementation of SurgiTex™ consists of staff and clinical training and support as well as quarterly program reviews and quantitative reporting.

“The amount of waste generated in an operating room can be a daunting problem to solve, and I learned it cannot be solved alone,” said Fox. “SurgiTex™ was conceptualized to help nurses, physicians, material management, and other partners reduce waste, decrease costs, and provide quality care in the safest environment for our patients and healthcare providers.”

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