Closet Drapery

Closet Drapery is a clever and cost saving solution for creating new spaces without building walls or adding doors. The perfect choice to allow flexibility in a small space, such as residence hall closets, all the while giving privacy where it is needed.

Utilizing a Ripple fold system, the ripples are made by snaps on flat panels of fabric on the header of the curtain which gives the ripple effect. Once attached to the track, the Closet Drapery will easily slide open and closed. Closet Drapery can be custom printed allowing for a branded, unique look.

Impact Technology®

Measures to provide a clean, safe environment are essential on campus. Our exclusive Impact Technology® assists in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your students. Impact Technology® makes our Closet Drapery fabrics resistant to flames, stains, splashes, and microbial growth without the use of harsh chemicals, and Impact Technology® can be added to any fabric.

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Shown here in this image is a closet with drapery. The fabric pattern and color way is Bezel in Cinderblock.

Closet Drapery featuring Bezel in Cinderblock