Healthcare Sheeting

We manufacture and supply a variety of sheeting options that provide patients with comfort and safety, while adding operational efficiency to your facility.

A sampling of our comprehensive line of quality sheeting for healthcare is featured below.

TruVal® Sheets

The soft twill weave and high cotton content of our patented TruVal® sheets and pillowcases deliver an exceptionally comfortable experience for your patients. Our exclusive Centium Core Technology® construction dramatically enhances strength and durability, and significantly reduces cost per use compared to traditional cotton/poly sheeting.

PerVal® Sheets

PerVal® sheeting, made with our Centium Core Technology®, combines luxurious long-staple cotton with texturized yarns to provide both cotton-rich comfort and strength. These sheets and pillowcases are engineered to deliver exceptional whiteness retention, superior stain release characteristics, and the ultra-smooth hand only present in true, natural finish sheeting.

UniVal® Sheets

Patented UniVal® sheets and pillowcases, made with our Centium Core Technology®, feature a no-iron, crease-resistant finish specially designed to retain a crisp, clean appearance. In addition to increasing patient comfort, the high cotton content improves stain-release performance and ensures excellent whiteness retention.

Versatility® Fitted Sheets

Versatility® Fitted Sheets, made with our Centium Core Technology®, combines the smooth surface, comfort, and cost-effective advantages of traditional woven sheets with durable stretch-and-recovery characteristics. The fabric is woven, so it stretches where it is most needed to ensure a secure fit.

Savannah Stripe Sheets

Savannah Stripe twill weave sheeting offers a woven tone-on-tone pattern and crease-resistant finish that bring an air of sophistication to the patient room. Centium Core Technology®, dramatically enhances product strength and durability to significantly reduce cost per use.

Excel® Sheets

Excel® sheets and pillowcases are designed to bring the comfort of home to your patient rooms. In addition to enhancing the patient experience, a high cotton content heightens stain-release ability and whiteness retention.

DermaTherapy® Sheets

DermaTherapy® is the first and only silk-like therapeutic bedding linens to receive FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class I medical device that helps to reduce the likelihood of patients developing pressure injuries.

stack of centima sheets

Centima® Sheets

Centima® provides style, cotton-rich comfort, and unsurpassed strength.

As a longtime favorite for hospitality, Centima® makes an excellent choice for VIP areas and sleep centers.

100% Blue Cotton Sheets

Our blue 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases feature 100% cotton hem threads and label to remove potential static properties, while also providing an exceptionally comfortable experience for your patients.

These sheets and pillowcases are dyed blue to help your team clearly differentiate them from other products in your facility.

stack of dyed healthcare sheets in assorted colors

Dyed Sheets

Our dyed sheets and pillowcases are designed for a wide variety of end uses in and around the O.R., where liquid resistant performance is not required or expected.

Our patented fabric contains a high cotton content that heightens stain-release ability, comfort, colorfastness, and long-lasting durability.

Available in Misty, Jade, and Ceil.

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