100% Cotton Sheets

All-cotton sheeting provides the comfort & safety required by sensitive hyperbaric units

  • 100% Cotton fabric, sewing thread, and label 
  • Available in vat-dyed Ceil Blue 
  • Choose from 60″x108″ flat sheets or 42″x30″ pillows 


Everything You
Need To Know

Our 100% cotton hospital sheets are typically used as hyperbaric sheets, thanks to its all-cotton construction. From the fabric and thread to the label, these all-cotton sheets provide the comfort and protection. 

Available in vat-dyed Ceil Blue as 60″x108″ flat sheets or 42″x30″ pillowcases.   

  • 100% Cotton Fabric, Sewing Thread, and Label 
  • Available in Vat-Dyed Ceil Blue 
  • Choose from 60″x108″ Flat Sheets or 42″x30″ Pillows 

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