Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains

Perfect Panel® saves time and costs. Panels are attached with an easy snap system, allowing for the replacement of only soiled panels, not the entire curtain. This avoids the need to remove the mesh and the potential for hanging the wrong curtain size.

Perfect Panel® offers tremendous cost savings by reducing laundering costs and attic stock.

The overlapping panel design ensures patient privacy. Best of all, Perfect Panel® can be made with any Standard Textile fabric to meet specific design requirements. Paired with our CubeControl® Curtain Management App, curtains can be quickly scanned to improve inventory management, confirm compliance with facility cleaning frequency policy, and promote a cleaner environment for patients and staff.

Perfect Panel® fabric is available with Impact Technology.

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Hands snapping a removable healthcare / hospital privacy curtain into place.

Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains

Hands showing how to replace privacy curtain.

Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains

Hands showing the final step in replacing a privacy curtain.

Perfect Panel® Privacy Curtains