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March 16, 2022

Help your Guests Relax with a Luxury Bathrobe

Relaxing hotel bathrobe
Originally published during the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Awareness Week® 2022. Updated November 2023.

Research has clearly shown that America has a major sleeping problem. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. And as Psychology Today has reported, sleep can be particularly hard to come by for hotel guests, especially those traveling for business or with small children. An unfamiliar environment combined with external stress factors can mean that your guests may have trouble winding down for bed.

As a hospitality professional, you might be wondering – what else can I do to enable my guests to sleep restfully? While there are many hotel amenities geared toward sleep – comfortable blankets, soft sheets, and quality pillows to name a few – one often overlooked amenity is the bathrobe. While most guests won’t sleep in the robe itself, it can be an important part of the bedtime ritual and can make all the difference in preparing a guest for a good night’s sleep. After a relaxing shower or bath, the soft touch of a luxurious bathrobe could be all your guests need to get into the slumbering spirit.

An overlooked amenity

In an industry where almost every detail has been meticulously considered, bathrobes tend to be a commonly overlooked hospitality amenity. Many properties will select cookie cutter robes that are unflattering or choose to omit robes completely. It was this gap in the customer experience that ultimately lead to the Heidi Weisel Robe Collection, a series of high-end, luxurious robes that are sure to wow your guests and have them relaxed and ready for bed in no time.

A variety of relaxing bathrobe options

Relax in a luxury bathrobe

In addition to Heidi’s collection, Standard Textile offers a wide variety of robe options to meet all budgets. Our distinctive hotel robes feature the same skilled design and engineering expertise seen in all our terry products.

Some of our more popular products include:

  • Honeycomb – Designed for relaxation, the Honeycomb bathrobe will envelop your guests in softness. This robe features an attractive, tight-woven 100% cotton pattern on the outside with a luxuriously soft 100% terry inner liner. Learn more
  • Geometric Dual-Tone – Exceptionally soft and durable, these robes feature a singular geometric pattern for a distinctive look and exceptional comfort. Learn more
  • Waffle Bathrobe – Our Waffle Bathrobes feature a matching bar-tacked belt that prevents loss in the laundry and eliminates replacement belt costs. Learn more

Operating on a budget does not mean hoteliers have to forfeit style. Standard Textile is proud to offer a selection of affordable, luxury bathrobes to match any financial plan. Your guests will love the feel and hoteliers will love the price.

Need help selecting the perfect relaxing robe?

All guests deserve a great experience and Standard Textile is happy to help. Our sales consultants are available to help you select the right robe for your guests to guarantee an excellent experience.

And stay tuned, tomorrow we spotlight the role allergies play in poor sleep and how to protect your hotel guests from allergies with AllerEase® Professional.