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August 25, 2021

High Performance Fabrics for Today’s World: Crypton® C-Zero Plus Fluorine-Free Fabrics

C-Zero Plus Fluorine-Free Fabrics from Crypton®

Standard Textile Interiors is excited to partner with Crypton® to offer six new and exclusive patterns with C-Zero Plus with moisture barrier, an exceptional fluorine-free stain-resistance performance technology designed to repel liquid and water-based stains, while providing odor resistance. The Crypton® C-Zero fabrics go beyond the average performance fabric, and actively improves the environment. Our Crypton® C-Zero Plus collection, Voyage, brings new opportunities to create hardworking indoor spaces that promote a healthy and sustainable environment.

100% Fluorine-Free to Repel Water-Based Stains

Crypton® C-Zero Plus textiles offers unparalleled fluorine-free stain-resistance performance technology. Award winning, C-Zero Plus offers superior resistance and repellency to water-based stains, durability, and the protection that only Crypton’s integrated moisture barrier allows.  In addition, Crypton® C-Zero Plus offers odor resistance and is disinfectable, guaranteeing the assurances of clean that designers and specifiers need in today’s climate.

This breakthrough in fabric technology developed by Crypton® offers designers a fluorine-free, stain resistant option that is HHI compliant and contributes to lowering the negative impact on our environment.

It all comes down to oil and water

You might be asking, “what is the big deal with fluorine?” Due to the superior performance consumers demand, fluorine is used in many products we use every day from clothing and cookware to smartphones and textiles.  It is a natural element and the only element that allows surfaces to resist oil-based stains, thus why it is so widely used. While more than 5,000 known substances contain fluorines, not all are the same. There are the “concerning” fluorines such as PFOA, PFOS and “C8,” and there are the “preferred” fluorines of no controversy (C6), including some used in common pharmaceuticals and in Crypton® Fabric.

Crypton® has lowered its level of fluorine used in its namesake fabric, Crypton®,  significantly to just 0.1%  without sacrificing its performance. How?  With the determination and dedication of their on-site team of chemists, they achieved 99.9% fluorine-free technology by leveraging the innovation of their C-Zero fabric technology; the industry’s first 100% fluorine-free, soil-repellent technology. The science of C-Zero led to Crypton’s gold-standard for their fabrics, resulting in their best stain protection and softest hand ever with just 0.1% fluorine. Special polymers in the patented formulation permanently bond the fluoro-technology to the fabric’s fibers, so it is safely sealed, impossible to rub off.

High Traffic Areas demand High Performance Fabrics

Waiting rooms, lobbies, and dining rooms all have one thing in common: high amounts of people traffic. With so many people coming and going it is essential for fabrics to not only last, but to also be easy to clean and bleach cleanable. Crypton® C-Zero Plus Voyage Collection fabrics are all guest-friendly, disinfectible, and environmentally responsible, bringing beauty, durability, and the integrity of healthier environments to any guest experience.

“Our chemistry and philosophy have always focused and performance sustainability. It’s part of our DNA. Crypton® was created to be the highest performing fabric in high traffic areas, one that by nature of its performance, extends its useful life. This latest breakthrough is indicative of our ongoing evolution and continued dedication,” says Crypton® CEO, Lance Keziah. “And it does not stop here.”

Other benefits of Crypton® C-Zero Plus include:

  • 0% fluorine, tested, and verified in accordance to test method AATCC 189
  • PFOA-Free/PFOS-Free/PFC-Free
  • Extended furniture life reduces replacement and repair of goods for a net positive carbon impact
  • Easy to clean
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Compliant with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI) 

Join Us on the Voyage. See the Collection.

Standard Textile Interiors offers six new and exclusive Crypton® C-Zero Plus fabric patterns– Astrid, Barlow, Celeste, Bellatrix, Veritas, and Nebula – with various colorways. Learn more about the new collection here.





About Crypton®

The Crypton® Companies offer an intelligent, integrated family of high-performance textiles for the contract, home, and apparel markets. Since 1993, Crypton® has been committed to providing fabric innovation, providing the best performance solutions that stand the test of time and tough environments. Crypton® Fabric revolutionized the use of fabrics in the healthcare, hospitality, government, education, and contract segments. Crypton Home® is doing the same in the residential markets, available in hundreds of national retailers. In 2013, Crypton® acquired Nanotex®, which was the first to market nanotechnology solutions for textiles. Nanotex, now powered by Crypton®, offers flexible solutions for the apparel and contract fabric marketplaces. In 2019, Crypton® launched in Europe with technologies that create exciting design solutions that meet the continent’s strict Fire Rating codes.

Crypton® is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in the greater Detroit area, and has a research, development and manufacturing facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. For more information visit and follow Crypton® on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter at @CryptonFabric.

SOURCE: Crypton