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February 4, 2022

Proper Pillow Care: Give Your Guests a Great Night’s Sleep

Two hotel pillows leaning against a headboard.

A good night’s sleep is everything to your guests. Whether they prefer a pillow that is soft, firm, or somewhere in the middle, ensuring that pillows are not only clean, but also fluffy will contribute to that essential part of the guest experience.

As travel continues to increase, your hotel’s pillows will experience more wear and tear. Pillows tend to flatten and become lumpy with use, which can negatively affect your guests’ sleep. Proper pillow care can extend product life, enhance performance, and ultimately, save hoteliers money.

The Right Way to Launder Pillows

Similar to sheets and towels, laundry processing can affect the lifespan of pillows. Here are best practices recommended by our Technical Affairs team:

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Pillows


  • Use a mild detergent. Harsh detergents and bleach can damage pillow fill.
  • Wash in a cold temperature.
  • Immediately place the pillow in the dryer once it is washed. Damp or wet pillows left to sit can develop an odor.

Do Not:

  • Overload the machine. If you do, there will not be enough room for each pillow to be properly cleaned.
  • Extract too fast or too much. Over extraction in the washer (basically: spinning too much or too fast) can cause pillow fill to clump.

Do’s and Don’ts of Drying Your Pillows


  • Dry on low heat for an extended period of time. We typically recommend 120°F or less. Often, hotel laundries try to dry pillows at a high temperature in order to speed up the process, but in doing so essentially burn the inside filling of the pillows.
  • Throw in wool dryer balls or tennis balls to eliminate clumping.

Do Not:

  • Leave pillows to sit once finished. When fully dried, remove them from the dryer and hand-fluff.

Remember: the lifespan of a pillow depends entirely on how it is maintained and cleaned. Following proper instructions keeps your pillows working better for longer.

Step Up Your Pillow Protection Strategy

Two pillows encased in AllerEase Platinum pillow protectors leaning against a grey headboard.

AllerEase® Platinum Pillow Protector with zipper enclosure on both sides

Pillows are typically washed on a “cyclical” basis (monthly, quarterly, or biannually). They are not designed to withstand washes between every guest stay. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to use a zippered pillow protector, as it keeps the pillow cleaner for longer and reduces the need to wash your pillows as often. Think of it like a mask for your pillow!

Just like the many masks on the market, there are differences in types of pillow protection. AllerEase® Pillow Protectors can help ease the minds of you and your guests through many protective properties. Simply slide a pillow into the protector and zip the side for maximum security. Here are just a couple of ways AllerEase® Pillow Protectors differ from others:

  • Antimicrobial and virus blocking properties prevent viruses from entering and bacteria from growing inside and on the surface of the pillow.
  • Waterproof protective barrier blocks bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and fluids from entering the pillow.

When it comes time to clean, AllerEase® Pillow Protectors can be unzipped, removed, and thrown into the wash for easy sanitation during a high-temperature wash cycle.

Protectors are highly recommended in combination with proper laundering to extend the life-expectancy and save hoteliers the costs of replacing worn or damaged pillows.

A Little Extra TLC

Have you ever climbed into bed, ready for a great sleep, when suddenly your head hits an uncomfortable, flat pillow? Great night’s sleep = gone. Don’t let that happen to guests at your property. Spending a little extra time to fluff can make all the difference.

  1. Squish and Squeeze – like you would with an accordion. Hold the pillow on both sides, squeeze and squish the pillow until it has a plump look.
  2. Strike – That’s right, you read that correctly. With an open or closed fist, strike the pillow until you feel it has the desired appearance. No need to worry about the “T” in TLC! Trust us, it makes an impact (no pun intended).

The Perfect Pillow For Every Guest

stack of two white hotel pillows

Standard Textile offers many pillow options to meet a variety of preferences and budgets.

During a time of uncertainty and as travel rates continue to pick up, make an impact on your guests’ stay by ensuring safety and comfort. Increased washing does not have to equate increased replacement costs. Extend product life and performance with proper care and prepare for the best night’s sleep your guests have ever had.