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DermaTherapy® is a new family of specially designed antimicrobial fabrics for bed linens and patient apparel. These fabrics are cleaner, drier, and smoother than standard cotton bedding and gowns. The first and only therapeutic linen designed with specific patients and conditions in mind, DermaTherapy® is FDA registered for atopic dermatitis treatment and helps control the microclimate—moisture, friction and shear—between a patient’s skin and support surfaces, thereby reducing the potential for skin damage. DermaTherapy does not generate airborne particles and significantly reduces the bioburden on bedding and gowns. DermaTherapy® has the potential to contribute to better healthcare outcomes and lower overall system costs.

Wound, ostomy, and incontinence treatment can be difficult for patients and families to face. Traditional, abrasive textiles may add to adverse effects by damaging the skin when a patient moves or is moved while lying in bed. DermaTherapy® was developed to enhance patient- and family- centered care and promote optimal health care outcomes.

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