PerVal® Underpads

Skin saving protection meets better laundry performance

  • Disperses moisture more effectively than brushed tricot underpads   
  • Scalloped diamond quilting pattern   
  • Merrowed on all four sides 
  • Solid blue face fabric to disguise incidental staining 
  • Available laminated construction improves service life and durability   

Everything You
Need To Know

The face of PerVal® is made of a textured warp-knit synthetic that disperses moisture more effectively than brushed-tricot underpads. PerVal® offers a solid blue face fabric to more readily disguise incidental staining. A polyester/rayon soaker and blue polyknit vinyl barrier complete the conventional two-piece fabrication, which features square corners.  

Choose traditionally constructed PerVal® or opt for the upgraded PerVal® Plus. The single-ply laminated construction of PerVal® Plus creates inseparable layers that eliminate differential shrinkage between component layers, enhance durability, fold more easily and efficiently, and extend service life by reducing mechanical abrasion and eliminating barrier air pockets. Lamination means face fabric and barrier always move in tandem, stopping uncomfortable “bunching” under the patient and laying flatter for a more comfortable fit. 

PerVal® and PerVal® Plus both feature a scalloped diamond quilting pattern. PerVal® is available in a 33″x36″ size while PerVal® Plus offers 33″x36″ as well as 36″x41″ sizes. 

  • Washable, Reusable Underpad  
  • Scalloped Diamond Quilting Pattern   
  • 100% Polyester Textured Warp-Knit Blue Face Fabric  
  • 85% Polyester/15% Rayon Soaker (8 oz) 
  • Blue Vinyl Barrier  
  • Merrowed 
  • Choose from 2-Piece or Laminated Fabrication   
  • Sizes: 33″x36″, 36″x41

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