Dermatherapy® Underpads

Revolutionizing the prevention of pressure injuries by optimizing the patient microclimate

  • FDA cleared top surface is clinically proven to prevent the occurrence of pressure injuries 
  • Improves microclimate, reduces friction and prevents shear 
  • Silk-like sleep surface that is non-irritating and friendly to the patient’s skin 
  • Dissipates heat and keeps patients cooler and more comfortable 
  • Minimizes bioburden and features a bult-in antimicrobial  
  • Available in standard and bariatric sizes   


Everything You
Need To Know

DermaTherapy® by Standard Textile is the first and only silk-like therapeutic linen system with FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class I medical device to reduce the risk of patients developing pressure injuries. DermaTherapy® keeps the patient’s skin cooler, decreases metabolic demand, and reduces bioburden—a potential source of infection. 

The patient-facing surface of the DermaTherapy® underpad is the same material used in the silk-like bedding that has been engineered to optimize the microclimate between the patient’s skin and the support surface, by reducing friction and shear and managing moisture and heat. The technology in the patented and FDA cleared DermaTherapy® underpad top surface is clinically proven to prevent the occurrence of pressure injuries.  

Woven fibers with unique cross sections create thin micro-channels to wick moisture away and quickly dry the skin. These clinical underpads wick 40% faster and dry 60% faster than polyester/cotton blends. They also dissipate heat and keep the patient cooler and more comfortable, reducing metabolic demand.  

The DermaTherapy® underpad top surface is virtually lint-free and has a built-in antimicrobial, which both aid in minimizing the bioburden around the patient. Patented fabric engineering reduces friction by 35% versus polyester/cotton blends and continuous filament yarns are free of short, protruding fibers or pills that can create friction and cause irritation. The silk-like sleep surface is non-irritating and friendly to the patient’s skin. 

The ripstop polyester barrier backing of the DermaTherapy® underpad is smooth, liquid-resistant and air-permeable, making the DermaTherapy® underpad a superior choice for use with specialty beds as both an incontinence care product and a patient positioner.  

DermaTherapy® underpads feature quilted white face fabric with black carbon stripe lines. The 7.5 oz soaker is made from 80% Polyester/20% Rayon while the face-fabric content is 50% Polyester/50% Nylon. Available in standard and bariatric sizes. 

  • Washable, Reusable Underpad 
  • FDA Cleared Class I Medical Device (No. K061242 & K152884) 
  • Micro-Channel Moisture Wicking 
  • Minimizes Bioburden  
  • Virtually No Lint  
  • Built in Antimicrobial 
  • Quilted White Face Fabric with Black Carbon Stripe Lines   
  • Face Fabric (50% Polyester/50% Nylon) 
  • 7.5 oz Soaker (80% Polyester/20% Rayon) 
  • Ripstop Polyester Barrier Backing 
  • Color-Coded Merrow Thread for Easy Size Identification 
  • Sizes: 34″x36″, 34″x45″, 38″x50

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