E*Star® Reusable Textiles

The E*Star® product line is a collection of reusable textile and apparel products engineered specifically to reduce the consumption of energy utilized during the laundry process. E*Star® products leverage a series of proprietary technologies that allow for reduced processing times at lower temperatures.

Further savings are realized through Centium Core Technology®,which dramatically increases strength and durability, lowering both cost-of-use and replacement costs. This remarkable energy and cost efficiency are combined with our characteristic attention to comfort and performance. E*Star® also furthers our commitment to help customers become more sustainable, because using less energy to launder reusable textiles reduces the environmental impact of your operation.

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A patient wearing a reusable hospital gown is being comforted by her doctor. E*Star® medical gowns, shown in the Leaves pattern. Our hospital patient gowns offer a solution for patients, caregivers & medical teams, with clinically compatible access points, full coverage.