Healing Spaces® Design for Comfort

Textiles play an important role in healthcare environments. The softness of a robe, the warmth of a blanket, the beauty of a window treatment—these tactile and visual experiences can comfort and calm during times of great stress.

We partner with customers to create unique Healing Spaces® where apparel, bedding, towels, and decorative products are designed and coordinated to soothe and relax patients, visitors, and staff.

This collection of bedding, terry, apparel, and decorative products has its origins in the unparalleled luxury and elegance of our award-winning hospitality line.

At the same time, our products deliver superior efficiency and value for your facility. Everything works together aesthetically and functionally to create a space that says to the patient, “your comfort matters.”

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A women seated on a patient bed wearing a Healing Spaces bathrobe, designed for healthcare facilities.

A stack of three folded Healing Spaces bath towels.

A pink Healing Spaces patient robe.