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January 13, 2016

Press Release: Standard Textile Receives Innovative Technology Designation from Novation for DermaTherapy®

Designation recognizes the development of new solutions that benefit the health care industry

CINCINNATI, Ohio (1/13/16) – Standard Textile announced that its DermaTherapy® line of textiles and apparel, designed to address the critical and costly issue of skin break down due to moisture, friction and shear, has received an Innovative Technology designation from Novation. Novation is the leading healthcare services company that serves the more than 100,000 members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC, Children’s Hospital Association, and Provista.

The designation was based on reviews of DermaTherapy® technology, extensive published clinical trials, and clinician testimonials by hospital experts who attended Novation’s Innovative Technology Expo in November. The annual event provides medical technology suppliers the opportunity to demonstrate their product and gain direct feedback from onsite clinical experts and health care providers on the impact their products may have on improving clinical care, safety, or benefits to organization’s care and business models.

DermaTherapy is the industry’s first and only evidence-based, patented, silk-like bedding and patient apparel. Formal clinical studies assessing the performance of DermaTherapy products have included more than 2,000 patients.

“We know that the way to address rising healthcare costs is through innovation, and Standard Textile remains committed to bringing our customers bold technology that helps people live a healthier, more gratifying life,” said Norman Frankel, Executive Vice President of Sales, Standard Textile.

“Novation is committed to providing the members we serve with leading-edge technologies that deliver new clinical and operational benefits from what is currently available in the market today,” said Debbie Archer, director of procurement and leader of the Innovative Technology program for suppliers. “After reviewing Standard Textile and DermaTherapy® at our annual Innovative Expo, the hospital experts who attended agreed the product offers unique and incremental benefit over other products available on the market today, and recommended it for the Innovative Technology designation.”

Since 2003, more than 2,000 new and innovative products and technologies have been submitted through the Novation Innovative Technology program. Novation works with member-led councils and task forces to identify and review potentially innovative products. If it is determined that a product is innovative, a contract may be awarded outside of Novation’s competitive bid cycle.

DermaTherapy is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.