DermaTherapy® Patient Positioning System

DermaTherapy® by Standard Textile is more than a therapeutic skin care solution. When paired together, breathable and absorbent DermaTherapy® fitted sheets and underpads also work as a two-piece turn-and-positioning system.

This revolutionary system redefines the way you care for patients to:

  • Reduce incidence of pressure injuries and associated costs.
  • Minimize friction between the fitted sheet and underpad, providing easier patient positioning and less back strain on clinicians.
  • Reduce bioburden, a potential source of infection, with a built-in antimicrobial and virtually lint-free fabric.
  • Amplify the clinical performance and outcomes achieved with specialty mattresses.
  • Improve treatment for existing skin issues by optimizing the microclimate surrounding the patient.
  • Provide reusable solution for moisture management and incontinence care, significantly reducing the waste associated with disposable underpads.
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hospital bed with DermaTherapy patient positioning system