DermaTherapy® Underpads

The technology in the patented and FDA-cleared DermaTherapy® underpad top surface is clinically proven to prevent the occurrence of pressure injuries. The top surface is virtually lint-free and has a built-in antimicrobial – both features aid in minimizing the bioburden around the patient. The ripstop polyester barrier backing of the DermaTherapy® underpad is smooth, liquid resistant and air-permeable, making the DermaTherapy® underpad a superior choice for use with specialty beds as both an incontinence care product and a patient positioner. Underpads are available in standard and bariatric sizes.

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Detail image of the DermaTherapy® Underpad. These underpads are reusable incontinence pads.

The incontinence pads shown here are DermaTherapy® Underpads.

This image shows a stack of Dermatherapy® Underpads for incontinence. DermaTherapy® incontinence pads are clinically proven to prevent the occurrence of pressure injuries..