EuroTech® Mattress Pad

The EuroTech® Mattress Pad is constructed with a quiet, lightweight barrier that securely protects the mattress from liquid penetration. The unique construction consists of a brushed polyester face fabric, quilted for strength, and a fill of both rayon and polyester—a combination you will not find anywhere else. The result is a more absorbent, more comfortable mattress pad.

Patented Centium Core Versatility® retention caps at the head and foot keep the EuroTech® Mattress Pad securely in place. Woven with inherent stretch and recovery technology, the fabric stretches to fit snugly and securely. The EuroTech® Mattress Pad is also engineered for enduring use. Its Centium Core Technology® engineering dramatically enhances product strength and durability, significantly reducing cost per use versus traditional mattress pads.

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A detail shot of a corner of a mattress featuring a EuroTech Mattress Pad.